Purchasing Behaviour among Small Medium Enterprise (SME) customer during Covid-19 Pandemic using 7Ps approach.

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Anis Joha1, Sallaudin Hassan, Mohd. Farid Shamsudin, Muhammad Asyraf Hasim


Covid-19 Pandemic has an impact toward the businesses wide range inclusive Small Medium Enterprise (SME). The main purpose of this study is to investigate the purchasing behaviour of SME customer during Pandemic Covid -19 by using 7Ps approach. This study measured the relationship between 7Ps factors with purchasing behaviour in SME. Based on reliability test, all constructs are reliable and fit for mass data collection. Using convenience sampling, 105 of good questionnaires was able to be obtained for analysis using Statistical Package Social Science (SPSS) Statistic 26. Pearson correlation has been used to measure the relationship between 7Ps factors and purchasing behaviour. The result shows that all 7Ps factors has strong and positive relationship with purchasing behaviour. Factors with highest correlation with purchasing behaviour is People (0.903). This is followed by Product (0.766) and Price (0.747). Factors with least correlation with Purchasing behaviour is Place (0.558). These findings provided contribution to the literature in this field and help SME owner to strategies their businesses to retain and increase number of customers. This study can be expended to include customer retention in the framework.

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