Expression Of The Linguistic Concept Of “Motherland” In Muhammad Yusuf's Poetry

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Marufjon Yuldashev , Shoira Ramazanova , Rasuljon Tojimatov


In the last quarter of the last century, the poet Muhammad Yusuf, who shone like a guiding star in the clear firmament of our literature, attracted the attention of the public with his simple and sincere words, his unique poetry. In his short life, he was able to make a happy contribution to the rise of national poetry and modern singing. Erkin Vahidov wrote about the poet: “Muhammad Yusuf is loved and kept in the language of our people, he is honored as the singer of the Motherland, the singer of Independence, he appreciates and sings his tender, sincere poems, which are instilled with great love and loyalty to the Uzbek people. His poetry can truly be called winged poetry, poetry that flies high in the sky and gives wings to hearts.” The article deals with issues of linguistic-conceptual research of Muhammad Yusuf’s poetry.

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