Modifying Ict Competency Development Model To Teaching Writing: Assisting Students To Enhance Their Writing Quality

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Istiqlaliah N. Hidayati , Ratna Dewanti, Yumna Rasyid


Information and communication technology literacy is something very essential since digital tools are used almost in every aspect of life, especially in this pandemic era where people count on the tools to make them able to stay at their place but still interconnected with other people. These tools are at large, yet not all students have used them to support their academic needs. There are many of the tools that can actually help students in their academic life. One aspect of the academic life is learning to write. Writing is still considered complicated for students since they are required to know what to write, correct words to use, accurate grammar and mechanics to implement, and so on. However, helps are around. In this study, the researchers adopt ICT competency development model issued by UNESCO to help students write an essay. The methodology employed here is qualitative descriptive. The researchers used three instruments to collect the data namely: documentation, observation, and questionnaire. The documentation was done by analysing students’ worksheet. The observation is done by joining the teacher and the students in the virtual class while the questionnaire is distributed to all of the students (40). After conducting the research, it is found that the adoption of ICT competency development model into essay writing class can help students enhance their writing quality. This research is beneficial for lecturers or teachers who teach essay writing. By following the step by step of ICT competency development model, students can be guided so that writing an essay will be much easier.

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