Literary Text And Its Linguopoetic Issues Research

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Nizamiddin M. Mahmudov , Marufjon M. Yuldashev


Language is an extraordinarily unique phenomenon as a central and at the same time extremely complex object of study of old and new sciences that explore the essence, psyche and human activity from different angles. The path of direct awareness and manifestation of this mysterious phenomenon is to divide the entire flow of speech into parts, to divide it into pieces, to be able to imagine each part or particles separately, and also to be able to perceive proportional and even disproportionate relationships between these parts or particles, there is no doubt that his mind went through a long and difficult path of gradual improvement. He also discovered such ways of using language in the process of human self-expression, development processes, connecting these speech fragments with each other, as a result of which he became the author of a miraculous tool called artistic speech. Masterpieces of the word, created as unique forms and samples of such beautiful speech - legends, myths, epics, fairy tales, proverbs, riddles, songs, poems, dramas, stories, novels and novels live, are created and, of course, will be created as unique evidence of artistic human genius. This art of magical speech is explored with such disciplines as linguistics, literary criticism, aesthetics, history, so to speak, hand in hand, together, in cooperation. But regarding the study of the life of the language in this special area, called fiction, although the beginning of the study of this problem dates back to ancient times, disputes and discussions have never stopped.

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