Development Of Expository Text Worksheets With Schemata Bari Culture High School Students

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Masayu Gay , Agus Boriri, Nursafa Baradi, Jahira Udin


The development of student worksheets with new culturally charged schematics aims to improve the process and results of preparing the exposition text. The quality of the new culture schemata is perseverance, cooperation, responsibility, honesty, and completeness. For this reason, this research was designed with the EDDIE development model to produce accessible and useful student worksheets. Data analysis was carried out qualitatively and quantitatively, accompanied by interview techniques and questionnaires. The research subjects were 25 people from class X SMA Negeri Halmahera Selatan, North Maluku, Indonesia. The LKS effectiveness test uses the normality test with the formula, if  then  rejected, if  then  accepted and paired sample t-test. The results of the expert validity test obtained an average value of 61, or an excellent category. The pretest and posttest values ​​from the normality test results received the pretest  and the ; thus, the pretest value was normally distributed. While the post-test value obtained by  and the value of  so that the posttest value is also normally distributed. From the results of the normality test, it was concluded that the worksheet for compiling an exposition text by constructing schemata through new quality met the criteria for effectiveness based on the paired sample t-test, which showed that the value of sig. (2-tailed) is . So the value of sig. one-sided test . That is, there is a significant influence on developing expository text worksheets with schemata that contain a new culture.

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