The Depiction Of Mother’s Eternal Love In Manto’s Short Stories: A Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism

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Rao Muhammad Umar , Dr. Muhammad Saeed , Dr. Syeda Misbah Rizvi


Saadat Hassan Manto is a famous Urdu fiction writer, journalist and writer. His short stories are good examples of realism. The psychology of the various roles of women in society is very well crafted in his fiction. Most of his fiction deals with the duality of society and the moral vices and ethical depravity of individuals. The role of the mother in his fiction (short stories) is the portrayal of archetype of mother’s ideal and divine love. Manto's psychoanalysis and psychoanalytical literary criticism of the character's friction make it clear that this is due to his imagination and love of his mother stored in his subconscious and unconsciousness. Evidence of this love is readily found in the characters of his short stories, autobiographical notes and personal writings.

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