A Case Study Of Online Learning Strategies And Influencing Factors For EFL Learners In The Context Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

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Dr. Mariam Yousef Abduh , Dr. Mohammad Owais Khan


Language learning strategies (LLSs) in EFL classes are influenced by learners' personal differences besides some other environmental and contextual factors. The sudden shift to a totally online learning environment during the Covid-19 lockdown forced students to adapt to a new method of instruction. In order to align with a new educational approaches and methods, they had to compromise their learning strategies. This research intends to explore the learning strategies used by Saudi post-graduate learners, to identify the factors affecting their choice of online learning strategies. The findings show that the degree of learning strategies and factors differed from participant to participant. The responses provided by the participants reveal that their online learning strategies and factors were influenced by the resources at their disposal, their interactions with teachers and peers, and the Department's policies, rules, and regulations for online learning. According to the participants responses, the factors were found to be highly influenced by the pandemic, especially the quality of learning experience, interaction, and flexibility.

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