Women Protection Bill In Punjab: Current Realities And Strategies For Change

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Wajeeha Khalil , Aimon Aslam Rao , Munazzah Manzoor , Nouman Khaliq , Zaighum Aqeel Atif , Syed Ali Muneeb , Muhammad Jamil Brohi


The purpose of this research is to investigate the nature of the execution of the Women Protection Bill (WPB) in Punjab as a legislation and how the implementation of this law would enhance the lifestyle of women in our society. The implementation of WPB has been a difficult task due to social and traditional psychology of people in which they consider women as inferior to men. In recent years, as a result of feminist activity and the media, women's demands for their constitutional and religiously-guaranteed rights have been increasingly public and assertive. Although the government of Pakistan is attempting to implement laws that would ensure the preservation of women's rights to some degree, there is still more work to be done. Present study about women protection against violence is a qualitative study and in-depth interviews which were conducted with representatives of different segments of the society.  The data analysis revealed mixed opinions. On one hand most of the respondents were against women protection bill because of their believe that this bill challenges the honor and dominance of men and Pakistan being a patriarchal society will resist its implementation. Yet on the other hand, few believed that in the current socioeconomic situation where it is imperative for women to become a part of mainstream work force, this bill will provide them protection in society.

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