Multidisciplinary Team Approach In Special Education Settings In Saudi Arabia: Perceptions And Issues

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Nizar H. Bagadood and Budor H. Saigh


Although there exists a substantial volume of international research which places particular importance on the concept of a multidisciplinary team approach, collaboration within these teams has been patchy. Unfortunately, many special education teachers still struggle in the classroom due to the lack of understanding this approach and a lack of institutional support.. In Saudi Arabia there has been acknowledgement of the need to include the multidisciplinary team approach in special education settings, however, implementation has been sparse. Towards understanding poor implementation and use of this approach in Saudi Arabia this paper investigates the issues and understanding of a multidisciplinary team approach, including perceived benefits in a special education setting in Saudi Arabia in both public and private settings. . A qualitative case study was conducted via semi-structured interviews with key respondents in public and private education setting in Saudi Arabia. The findings underscored that there is a significant level of understanding of the benefits and the need for institutions to support a multidisciplinary team approach. Accordingly, there are a number of significant implications for the future implementation and practice of multidisciplinary collaboration in the context of Saudi special education settings.

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