Human Rights And Gender Discrimination Of Migrant Women Workers Of Textile Industry Of Bhilwara District, Rajasthan

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Anisha Jain , Dr Pratishtha Yadav


Our very existence begins in women’s body. Gender discrimination should not be the base of operations at workplace. Treating people invariably on the base of their gender is the hurdle in development of our nation. People must be recognized with their abilities, competence, hard work, intelligence, morality, capabilities as employee and their work ethics. Constitution of India has provided civil, political, equality before law and non-discriminatory laws for person of any gender. Still, we see discrimination based on gender around us. In this research, researcher have tried to adopt a detailed methodology for analyzing the primary data using Hypothesis testing with the goal of establishing relationship between awareness about the human rights among working migrant women workers and the incidents of gender discriminations against them. Research shows enough statistical evidence to support previous statement.

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