Pedagogical Accompaniment For The Newly Hired Faculty Member At The Algerian University-Mechanisms And Obstacles, Field Approach

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Said Benyamina , Arioua Nesma


Achieving the quality of higher education institutions and programs requires the concerted efforts of various groups, but the higher education community unanimously agrees on the pivotal role that faculty members play in this quality, as they constitute the basic human resources around which the overall processes and outcomes of higher education revolve. Given the importance of university faculty members in achieving the goals of the university, and the discrepancy in the quantitative and qualitative value in achieving these goals, it is necessary that they submit and work to improve and develop the quality of university education, by increasing the effectiveness of their performance, and fulfilling the roles expected of them. Therefore, the ministry issued a ministerial decision 932 in 2016, which defines the modalities for organizing pedagogical accompaniment for the benefit of the newly appointed researcher professor.  An accompaniment unit has been created at the level of each university institution, which aims to enable the newly hired professor during the training period to acquire knowledge and skills in the art of university teaching. Its function is to propose pedagogical strategies for higher education and training, to develop a pedagogical accompaniment program, to select training professors, and to evaluate the participation of professors involved in training. The pedagogical accompaniment includes organizing training courses and lessons centered on the principles of university legislation, an introduction to education and pedagogy, psychology and educational psychology, how to design and prepare lessons, pedagogical communication, how to evaluate students, and distance education. Therefore, in our study we wanted to identify the role of the pedagogical accompaniment of the newly hired professor in the professional integration process, what are the mechanisms used in the integration process and what are the main obstacles that prevent the success of this process.

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