Internationalization Education Leadership Of Public Universities Of Karachi

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Muhammad Imran , Dr. Hina Hussain Kazmi , Dr. Maroof Bin Rauf, Abdul Hafeez , Dr. Saima Iqbal , Shafiq Ur Rehman Solangi


This conceptual research paper attempts to explore the conceptions of higher education leadership internationalization in the public universities of Karachi.  The paper mainly identifies the potential of transformational institutional change. Internationalization is believed as a process of institutional cultural exchange among the staff and students of various universities and institutions of higher education around the globe. Most of the public universities of Karachi engage their resources in international diversities in academic and administrative areas. The universities attempt to update curricular activities to prepare students to meet the requirements of the global employability market. Besides this the universities explore the opportunities for international research collaboration by signing MoUs with various international universities for the Ph.D. of faculty. Whereas there is a poor investment in the internationalization of managerial affairs but in most public universities faculty performs the academic cum administrative affairs. This study is phenomenological based qualitative in nature, and endeavors to describe that the internationalization of educational leadership and institutions follow the standards and what provisions might be required to achieve the personal and professional transitions within its societies that are essential to accomplish the transformative plans.

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