The Effects Of Perceived Organization Justice On Organizational Citizenship Behaviour Of Madda Walabu University Employees

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Mulugeta Tesfaye , Dejene Tafa , Ahmed Hussein , Namo Gabisa


The study investigated the effects of perceived organizational justice on organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) of Madda Walabu University employees. The study employed the explanatory research design to identify the relationship between the two variables. The purpose of this study was to find the effects of organizational justice on organizational citizenship behavior. In the study both qualitative and quantitative research approaches were used and the population for the study was the employees of Madda Walabu University. To conduct the study both primary and secondary data sources were used and data were collected through questionnaire from sample of 334 target population. The collected relevant data was analysed through the aid of SPSS version 25.0. The statistical tools used for data analysis was linear regression. Distributive organizational justice significantly predicts organizational citizenship behaviour with significance level i 0.048 which is less than (0.05). The positive significant relationship between perceived organizational justice and organizational citizenship behavior was observed.

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