Impact Of Circuit Training On Muscular Strength And Leg Explosive Power Among Volleyball Players

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S Sakthivel , Dr K. Vaithiyanathan


The Circuit training may have significant improvement on physical fitness of human beings. So the researcher aims to study the impact of Circuit Training on Muscular Strength and Leg Explosive Power among Volleyball players. For this purpose, 30 men players from different Colleges in Chennai in the age group of 18 to 25 years were selected at random. They were divided into two groups, group I was treated as, experimental group and group II was treated as control group. Experimental group was given six weeks Circuit Training and the control group was not given any treatment. Physical Fitness variables on Muscular Strength and leg explosive power it was assessed through Sit-ups, Standing broad jump test. The data were collected before and after the training period and collected data was computed by dependent’s’ T test in all cases level of significance was fixed at 0.05 level. . The result concluded that there was significant improvement on Muscular Strength and leg explosive power level due to the influence of Circuit Training than the control group among volleyball players.

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