The Role Of Self-Expressive Brands And Brand Tribalism In Advocating Apparel Brands

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Haris Bin Khalid and Muhammad Ishfaq Khan


This study aims to measure the self-concept of the millennial consumer on brand relationship within the context of clothing and textile industry.  A framework of self-expressive brands and brand resonance has been articulated, research focused on brand conscious Millennial Generation of Pakistan. The survey was carried within 413 consumers from urban cities of Pakistan, hence every individual of millennials generation who is inclined to branded clothing become a part of population for this study, the confidentiality of respondents has also put in the consideration. The Questionnaire was used to capture responses of respondents. After the completion of survey, analysis has been conducted via structural equational modelling using SPSS 21 and SMART PLS, a structural model tested hypothesized research model. The research is beneficial for organizations and their brands that will enable to answer how millennial consumer could be benefit from the brand tribes that facilitates marketers in increasing the brand relationships resulting in strengthening the brand worth.

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