Impact Of Psychological Capital On Employee Creativity: Mediating Role Of Employee Engagement

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Atif Raza , Dr Tahir Saeed , Dr Umer Iftikhar


In this age of global competition, creativity is considered as one of the key indicators for success of organizations. The literature has identified a number of factors which effect the creativity in organizations, however, a comprehensive theoretical understanding is needed to explore how creativity is effected in organizations. Drawing from the Psychological Capital (PsyCap) perspective and the creativity literature, the current study is an effort to examine the role of PsyCap in facilitating employee creativity. Further, we have developed the arguments and a mediation model to examine how employee engagement plays its role between PsyCap and employee creativity. Pursuing the dyad approach, 513 employees from corporate sector of Pakistan responded a self-reported survey with regards to PsyCap and employee engagement, whereas employee creativity was rated by their supervisors. In order to estimate the mediation effects, “PROCESS” macro script by Hayes in SPSS version 25 was deployed. Results of our study revealed that PsyCap was positively associated with employee creativity and employee engagement acted as a partial mediator between PsyCap and employee creativity. The study findings contribute to the theory and provide guidelines to the practitioners that how PsyCap can be utilized in a better way for the development of employee creativity in the workplace in presence of employee engagement.

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