Domains Of Consumer Education: With Reference To The Indian Consumer Protection Act

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Yasha Shukla , Tulika Chandra


The Consumer Protection Act of 2019 replaced the Consumer Protection Act of 1986. The Right to Consumer Education in the old act has been renamed as the Right to Consumer Awareness in the 2019 act, thus widening the ambit of this consumer right. This paper attempts to identify the domains of Consumer Education and therefore has identified four domains of Consumer Education which are Product Label, Consumer Consciousness, Consumer Awareness and Consumer Decision. The findings of the study confirm a relationship between Consumer Education and the targeted constructs respectively. Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis were used for the proposed construct. A 16-item scale has also been proposed. The identification of the domains will be helpful in formulating policies for consumer education and this will result in better implementation of the Right to Consumer Awareness of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 and give a fillip to the Consumer Movement.

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