The Impact And Advancement Of Artificial Intelligence In The Development Of Technologies In The Health System

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Mimoza Bytyqi-Maksutaj, Nazmi Maksutaj (correnspodent)


The technology system in the health system is complex and necessary for its functionalization. A health information system refers to a system created to manage health care data. The information technology system in health enables the collection, storage of data, management and a patient's electronic medical transmission. As an integrated effort, these can be used to improve patient outcomes, to inform everyone's condition and prognosis. In these systems, security is a major concern for data storage. The health information system has positive potential between any public-private hospital for data information. Also, the information system handles data related to activities offered and health organizations.Automated and interoperable health care information systems will continue to improve medical care and public health, reduce costs, increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve patient satisfaction, while also optimizing reimbursement for health care providers. outpatient and hospital. Photo archiving and communication systems help healthcare professionals store and manage medical images of patients in the image bank of separate departments, such as radiology, cardiology and neurology. Telemedicine can also be practiced, which enables an approach through audio and other advanced access. Information A regional and international networking for the possibility of fast information and advanced cooperation of the technology system.

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