Digitization Of Pakistan And PTI Government: An Analysis

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Nusrat Bano, Dr. Muhammad Azhar. Dr. Anwar Ali, Muhammad Rizwan Haleemi , Shaza Khalid


Governance is a set of rules and regulations to run the public affairs smoothly. Good Governance is one of the pre-requisites to achieve the goal of prosperity and development and governments channelized different tools including E-Governance for better and prompt public service delivery. E-Governance is nothing but the usage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in governing modes and techniques. There is no good governance without accountability and transparency. Digitization of governing affairs was the central theme of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s manifesto during election 2018 which emphasized over the transparency and accountability in running day to day business of the government. The manifesto of the party has theoretical assessment to reform governance with use of advanced technology. The (PTI) government adopted the citizens-centric approach to boost up the E-Governance. The party has adopted the citizens-centric approach to boost up the E-Governance.   The instant research finds whether the PTI in government succeeded to implement its vision to digitize Pakistan or not? The research also makes an attempt to frame the aims and objectives in transforming conventional to digitized administrative mechanism. Both qualitative and quantitative techniques are applied in this research.

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