The Development Of Cyber Literature Studies On Google Scholar: A Bibliometric Analysis

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Sarwiji Suwandi , Chafit Ulya , Sugit Zulianto


Culture constantly changes with the development of technology, science, and the needs of society. Correspondingly, the world of literature, along with the advancement of the digital era, also grows with the emergence of the cyber literature phenomenon. This analysis aimed to describe the map of the development of cyber literature studies. Researchers employed a qualitative method involving a literature review approach. Research data were collected from Google Scholar and subsequently analyzed using the VOSviewer software to determine the current development map of cyber literature studies and its future potential. Based on the data analysis results, the study of cyber literature has yet to be widely carried out. In this regard, from a search on the Google Scholar platform, researchers only found 39 documents containing "cyber literature" elements in their titles. It indicated that the study of cyber literature had a significant potential to be explored from various perspectives.

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