Msc Forestry Student’s Perceptions Regarding Hill Tour, Session (2020-22) Pakistan Forest Institute Peshawar, Kp, Pakistan

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Arz Muhammad Umrani , Noor Muhammad , Ahmad Zamir , Umair Safdar , Mamoona Wali Muhammad , Sajjad Saeed , Nowsherwan Zarif , Sohaib Ahmad


Pakistan Forest Institute Peshawar study tours creates an environment for experiential learning where one can learn new adventures to explore and to directly observe what is being in practice compared to its theoretical model taught in the classroom. It provides opportunities to visualize the professional efforts. The students had excellent opportunity to interact with the environment. The study tour was well planned and well guided by our teachers as they are In charge of promoting study tour by providing guidelines, resources, support and pre-travel information by accompanying the group. The hill tour, which is a crucial component of the Forestry Course Field Work (forest kinds) with credit hours 2(0+2), is quite significant and essential for giving Pakistan Forest Institute Peshawar students practical information. The sites being visited were ( Shogran, Balakot, Paras, Malakandi Forest, Naran, Saful Muluk National Park, Shinkiari). This paper explored the potential benefits of hill tour visits. The study samples consisted of forty three students to gather input through questionnaires. This type of hill tours are made part of Forestry course at Pakistan Forest Institute in order to inculcate advanced practical field knowledge. This tour benefit students by allowing them to gather knowledge and skills in a variety of forest-related areas, such as the range of forestry methods for managing forests as afforestation, reforestation, and sustainable forest management.

These outdoor activities are necessary to develop physique to work in harsh conditions because forester work in poor weather, which require strength and stamina. The results of this study indicate that the hill tour provides effectiveness in improving PFI college students’ study and psychological health. Therefore, this study suggests that study tour can help to promote study, well-being and physical fitness among College students.

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