A Study Of The Attitude Of Female And Male Teacher Trainee Towards The Teaching Profession

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Deepika Sharma , Sarandha Sharma , Dr. Vinod Kumar Jain, Ruby Sharma


Teaching is regarded as the noblest profession. It is therefore important that those individuals who join the teaching profession should be dedicated and competent in their work. Teaching being a dynamic activity requires a favorable attitude.

Objective : This paper aims to analyze the attitude of the male and female teacher trainees. In this paper, the researcher has tried to find out the attitude towards the teaching profession of teacher trainees students of Bareilly District.

Sample : The researcher conducted this study with 180 Students selected from Education Institutions in Bareilly District.

Methods : The investigators used the “Teacher Attitude Inventory (TAI)”, constructed and standardized by Dr.S.P. Ahluwalia for the data collection, and statistical techniques –Mean, SD, and t-test –were utilized for data analysis and interpretation. The mean scores were considered and the “t” value was calculated to find the difference in the attitude of different categories towards the teaching profession.

Result : Another point of analysis in the result is the difference in attitude among the female and male trainee teachers. The study tries to show that gender and difference in course of study are of significance in developing the teaching profession.

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