In A Statistical Approach For Tamil Pulavarkal From The 3rd Bc To The 3rd Ad, The Grammars Mellinam And Idaiyinam Were Used

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Arumugam K , Ramesh Ganesan ,Saviour Prakash Gnana Prakasam Louis Raja , Kalimuthu S , Sivasamy R


Grammaticalization is a key notion that may be used to make sense of the study of different grammatical categories. The primary focus of this research is on the grammatical categories that can be found in a topologically generalised language. They have conducted in-depth study on Mellinam as well as Idaiyinam. The utilisation of this grammatical structure in both spoken and written linguistic interaction serves as the major focus of attention here. In addition to this, we have conducted extensive research on the multiplicity of factors that play a role in the development of a language. Researchers working with managed languages have resorted to quantitative approaches in order to arrive at credible results and accomplish their objectives. We investigated the many ways in which Tamil lyricists use Mellinam and Idaiyinam by employing the Latin Square Design methodology. Because of the way the data was structured, we were able to arrive at some reasonable inferences.

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