A Comparative Review Of Drugs And Dosage Form Used In Diabetes Mellitus With Future Aspects

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M.Swetha , Bommidi Haripriya , Y. Divya Spandana , Dr. T. Rama Rao


Regardless of age, diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases that people deal with. There are several various types of diabetes medications available, but metformin is the most popular. This primary purpose of this article is to provide a comparison of various dosage forms used for treatment of diabetes. However, oral insulin therapy has a number of potential advantages and would be practical for patients. The study and development of oral insulin is a fascinating subject in the study of diabetes. We are making progress toward creating an insulin formulation that won't require injections before to meals, which will enhance the quality of life and mental health of more than nine million type 1 diabetics worldwide. Despite the fact that it is only currently available in injectable form, insulin is nevertheless crucial for the management of diabetes. The ultimate goal for improving simplicity of use and providing therapeutic benefits stemming from its direct distribution to the portal vein and liver is the development of an oral insulin.

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