The Quest For Self-Discovery And Hybrid Aesthetics In Derek Walcott’s Dream On Monkey Mountain

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Shamsa Malik , Anila Khan , Dr. Saima Waheed


The study investigates how Derek Walcott treats the theme of the search for identity in Dream on Monkey Mountain. Derek Walcott’s play Dream on Monkey Mountain is an interesting study based on contemporary issues mingled with Utopia, Fantasy and Dream. The play depicts the elements of utopia and fantasy as it is a dream embedded in a dream, exploring the hidden desires and hallucinations of Caribbean people. This play is revolving around the dream of a West Indian man Makak, the protagonist of the play, and his journey for chasing his destination. “Dreams are primarily about wish fulfillment” (Freud, 1899). The fantasy of return is examined as being just a vehicle for the characters to understand the reality of their dilemma as inheritors of a divided culture. The very title of the play is reflective of the aspirations of the indigenous people. The play Dream on Monkey Mountain helps to demonstrate the revolutionary changes in Africa through the dream of its central character. According to Carew carter: “I do not sleep to dream but dream of changing the world” (2015, pp. 107). The utopian dream of Makak is the royal road through which he travels towards his kingdom Africa in order to set the Africans free.

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