The Role Of Burnout On Teachers' Subjective Wellbeing Among The Teachers Of Tamil Nadu

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R. Kanagaraj , Dr. Rubina Anjum


Teaching is a dynamic profession, teachers are the activists of young minds in this cultural society. Teaching is one of the passionate professions, even though, in their professional tenure, teachers may also get some negative effects of their professional commitments such as work-related burnout, etc. There are various causes identified for this work-related burnout of teachers in various research studies that affect their day-to-day life and their subjective well-being too. On the long passion for the teaching profession here we planned to investigate the adverse effects on teachers by their professional effects. In this study, we analyzed the effect of professional burnout on teachers' Subjective well-being with also the effect on gender differentiation as another part of the investigation. The methodology of this study was the quantitative type of descriptive analysis, with a simple random sampling method as a sampling technique for collecting the basic data. There were a total of 156 people as samples from both male and female teachers working around Tamil Nadu. As well as, there were a couple of research tools such as the Maslach burnout inventory and Teachers' subjective well-being questionnaires had been used to find their values. Also here the data analysis had been done with SPSS software to find the result of obtained objectives. Finally, it was found in the result that the same effect caused to male and female teachers' subjective well-being due to their burnout and burnout is a reason for the effect on those teachers' subjective well-being. It was concluded that there is no significant difference on male and female teachers for both burnout and teachers subjective wellbeing, furthermore it was revealed that  there is a  significant  negative relationship with burnout and Teachers subjective wellbeing  among teachers

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