A Critical Discourse Analysis Of Ali’s The Rod Of The Moses:A Socio-Political Perspective

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Muhammad Arshad ; Anser Mahmood (Corresponded author); Abdul Shakoor ; Ijaz Hussain


This research paper has focused to find out the different aspects of Ideology presented by Allama Iqbal that is the part of the analysis in this research with reference to the politics of the East and the West in the Rod of the Moses versified English translation of Syed Akbar Ali of Iqbal's Zarb-i-Kalim. The different aspects of the ideology were based on the subjugation of the poor nations by imperialists, showing the collapse of prevailed political and economic systems, and inhumane nature of western politics and different suggested ways by writer to counter the imperialism. To find out different aspects of the said ideology have been redressed in the research under Norman Fairclough’s three dimensional model of critical discourse analysis. It was found that the powerful countries subjugate the poor nations by destruction of their culture such as their educational system, religious values and traditions. The nature of western politics is very inhumane. Furthermore, it was also found that political and economic systems are evolved with imperfect products of human mind and these systems cannot bring prosperity for the world. It was suggested that on basis of this research that Only Islamic system is durable and can bring prosperity for the world. Moreover, Muslims of the East can only get freedom by developing their own Islamic united center in comparison to United Nations in Geneva.

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