Exploring The Role Of UTAUT For Understanding The Effects Of Utilizing The Virtual Classrooms For Gifted Students In Saudi Arabia

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Faisal Alamiri


The aim of this study is to investigate the role of UTAUT for understanding the effects of utilizing the virtual classrooms for gifted students in Saudi Arabia. A total of 230 students, who were identified as gifted and enrolled in the school’s gifted programs, were participated in this study. Of this sample, 101 were at secondary school level, and 129 were at middle school level. All of them experienced the virtual classroom condition. The results indicates that UTAUT factors made significant individual contributions to the prediction of BI.  76.0% of the total variance in BI of those who participated in the study is accounted for by the combination of all  UTAUT factors. Overall, the UTAUT brought useful insight on how students exhibit appropriate behavior, expectations, and engagement in the virtual classroom.

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