Teaching Methodologies And Strategies For Teachers' Guidance: In The Light Of The Prophet's (SAW) Sunnah

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Dr. Janas Khan , Umar Wahid , Dr. Najmul Hasan , Dr. Sumia Inayat , Dr Aliya Shah , Anwar Muhammad


Any country may develop as long as there is access to education. An effective educational system is one in which the lessons learned in the classroom are applied to the social processes at large. The transmission of values and cultural elements from one generation to the next is a result of education. Education is a collective social activity that involves several components, including textbooks, curricula, and educational facilities, among others. Teachers have a significant role in this system. Teachers are responsible for numerous important tasks. Government, society, and teachers themselves all have an obligation to ensure that instructors have access to all of the necessary educational resources. The society's social and ethical ideals will disintegrate if this condition is not achieved. Methodologies and methods used in the classroom for teaching are crucial in these educational resources. Researchers continue to provide cutting-edge scientific research on teaching methods. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was undoubtedly the most effective educator in history. The prophet employed a number of tactics to instruct his followers. This article provides a brief analysis of the strategies used by the Prophet.

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