The Relationship Between Headmaster Communication and School Performance Excellence in State of Johor

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Siti Aminah Kusin, Umi Kartini Rashid, Mohd Najib Haron


This study aims to look the relationship between headmaster communication and school performance excellence in State of Johor. Previous studies have proven communication is the best medium to convey information to others. It hoped that through good communication from headmaster can help improve school performance. To realize this study, 433 primary school teachers were involved. The purpose are to get feedbacks from the teacher’s. Because teachers directly close with headmaster in school performance excellence. Google form is used to collect data. Meanwhile, the data were analyzed using two applications are Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and Partial Least Square-Structural Equation Mode (SmartPLS). The findings of the study show there is a significant relationship between communication practiced by headmasters with school performance excellence. Therefore, suggested to be extend this study to all schools in Malaysia for see the accurate finding relationship between communication with school performance excellence.

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