Image Of Ayurvedic Product Brands And Buying Behaviour: A Perceptual Mapping For Pune City

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Dr. Ganesh Waghmare , Dr. Dattatraya Rane , Dr. Anand Kopare , Prof. Tarana Agrawal


Ayurveda has been always savior of life through the use of traditional medication techniques based on natural remedies, now days Consumers wants health care products that are transformed from a chemical based items to healthy and natural Ayurvedic base. This study aims to understand consumer buying behavior towards Ayurnedic product brands on the basis of product related and brand related variables, study is descriptive and exploratory in nature with the 201 respondents wit applying proper analytical tools and extracted structural equation models, At the same time shoppers and companies have explored new products according to need of time as the life expectancy is reducing day by day due to use of chemical based products and its side effects. This study aims to provide information to consumers as well as company about need and innovative products availability under any brand. Both home-grown and worldwide organizations are battling severely to draw in the purchasers of Ayurvedic items by presenting different inventive and advantageous items. The present study analyses the factors influencing consumers to buy specific brand of Ayurvedic product in Pune City.

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