A Study Of Arjuna’s Qualities And Their Implications In Today’s Management Scenario

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Rohan Kelkar , Pavel Mokracek , Dr. Sandip K. Nimbalkar , Dr. Ninad Gandhi


India is a spiritual heartland which has vast heritage for thousands of years. The Ramayana and the Mahabharata are the two beacons of light epics and Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are epitomes who have been a role model for millions of souls. As a part of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna’s divine discourse to Arjuna is known as “The Bhagavad Gita” in which Arjuna is the key character who represents the human race. The Gita and Arjuna are not just spiritual figures but are the models of today’s management and it’s important to understand the contemporary applications especially in the cat and mouse race of competition faced by students and executives of the field of Management. Arjuna’s qualities of management shall give a divine insight and teach us greater leadership qualities and managerial abilities. This research paper is based on literature review and deep analyses of Arjuna’s life journey not as just a commander, but an efficient leader and effective executive of his organization. The study & findings of this research derives that Arjuna is a role model of management and his qualities, if followed by today’s managers, can prove vital for personal effectiveness and organizational success. Arjuna is the human capital, which was transformed by Lord Krishna.

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