A Web-Based Survey On Suicide And Risk Elements For Suicidal Ideation Among College Students

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Srinitha Sridhar , Manju Harichandran , Venkateswaramurthy.N


Abstract: Suicide attempts and suicide ideation are more prevalent among medical students. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of mortality among college students and the third major cause of mortality among 15 to 25-year-olds. This study aimed to analyze the risk elements and prevalence of suicide ideation among medical and non-medical College students in Tamilnadu.

Materials and Methods: An institution-based cross-sectional study was carried out from March to September 2021 web-based survey data were collected. Data were analyzed by using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences version 26. Chi-square and Spearman rho correlation was applied to appropriate data at the significance of p< 0.05. 

Results: Out of 476 respondents, 86 were found to have the risk of suicide, and 390 were found to be not at suicidal risk among medical and non-medical.

Conclusion: Suicidal ideation was found to be associated with increased stress, decreased life satisfaction, and poor mental well-being in students' life, and these factors have a significant role in triggering suicidal ideation.

Key Message:  As we know stress and other mental health disorders are some of the major public health problems among college students, however, other social factors, particularly economic adversity, are possible risk factors which reduce their satisfaction with life and lead to suicidal ideation. By doing this study prevalence and risk factors of suicidal ideation, will help to identify those at risk and provide timely counselling or support and prevent suicides.

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