The Role And Importance Of The East Individual Creators In The Development Of Rhetoric Subject

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Hikmatkhon Tursunovna Ahmedova, Munojathon Najmiddinovna Mamajonova, Tolibjon Mirzaliyev, Dilfuzahon Saminovna Mirzaliyeva


In the article has analyzed Mahmud Kashgari’s «Devonu lugat it-turk», Yusuf Khas Hajib’s «Qutadgu bilig», Ahmad Yugnakiy’s «Hibbat ul-haqqayiq» and Alisher Navoi’s «Mahbub ul-qulub» works and determined their role in the history of oratory and art of speech, including giving them a scientific-theoretical assessment.                                                                                                                          Since the writers directly dealt with both theoretical and practical issues of speech, they have also made great strides in this regard. And the samples of literary they had created are invaluable masterpieces of the art of speech.

The analysis also provides a great opportunity to determine the role and importance they hold in the history of the art of world oratory.  The comparative analysis of the writers' opinions with folklore materials and other written sources allows us to identify their peculiarities in this regard and to determine their significant contribution to the development of not only Uzbek and Turkish, but also world oratory. This reflects the peculiarities of the dialogue of different types of cultures. These cases provide rich material for drawing appropriate scientific and theoretical conclusions from them.

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