Principles For The Application Of Signs Of The Hour In Modern Times (An Analytical Study)

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Muhammad Mugheerah Luqman , Dr. Shahzada Imran Ayub , Mashhood Ahmad , Muhammad Shafiq


Signs of the Hour have always been an area of interest for the Muslims. The scholars in each era have written extensively on the subject and have endeavored to identify signs that relate to their times in order to be able to guide others and protect themselves from the fitan (trials of doubts and desires). There are three main approaches found among Muslims with regards to the application of the Signs of the Hour in modern times: one group of scholars reject the approach outrightly because of the consequences that they often lead to when done inaccurately. The second group allows without any stipulated condition and leaves it open for the reader to come up with his own narrative. There is a third group that allows its application and relevance but with principles and maxims that are ordained in order to protect Muslims from deviation in this area.

This article briefly outlines those principles that are inferred by different scholars from the nuṣūṣ and the understanding of the early generation of scholars in order to deal with the textual evidences that provide for the Signs of the Hour and their relevance in current times.

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