Quest For Pursuing Innovation In Teaching Learning Process At Tertiary Level: Challenges And Issues Faced By Teachers

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Mujahid Rehman , Dr. Obaid Ullah , Dr. Ateeq Ahmed Tariq


Teaching method is a key to gaining excellence in learning. This study aimed to identify the challenges and issues faced by teachers in fetching innovation in teaching learning process at tertiary level. Sample size of the study was 185 teachers selected through Stratified Random Sampling technique from the faculty of social science of public universities of Islamabad. A validated closed ended with five points Likert scale questionnaire was used and was administered to the respondents after pilot study. The collected data was analyzed through non-parametric test i.e. Friedman test. The study finds that significant difference was found among teachers regarding organizational challenges and issues in seeking innovation in teaching learning process. Mean differences shows that organizational monitoring system and teachers’ process training are the challenges and issues faced by teachers. It was recommended that Organizational Monitoring System and 360o assessment mechanism for students as well teachers may be established.

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