Causes And Influencing Factors For Job Burnout Of Professional Values In Higher Vocational Teacher

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Shaoxian Wang , Zhongwu Li


In this study, 275 higher vocational teachers from Shaanxi province serve as the subjects. Cluster analysis, multiple variance analysis, logistic regression, and other statistical investigations are carried out with SPSS. The study is based on the personal center perspective. The findings pointed to the fact that, with a burnout rate of 58.2 percent, higher vocational teachers fall into the category of having mild levels of job exhaustion. There are three categories of professional values held by those who teach in higher vocational schools: the survival type (14.9 percent), the common type (65.8 percent), and the development type (19.3 percent). The percentage of teachers who experience burnout is lowest among those who hold progressive professional values, and the incidence of burnout among these teachers is just 45.1% of that of survival instructors. There is a large amount of variation in the kinds of professional values held by different sorts of educators, each of whom possesses their own unique qualities. This study offers some suggestions on the formation of positive professional values by both schools and individuals. These proposals are based on the findings of empirical research that was conducted.

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