The Effectiveness Of A Psychological Guidance Program To Develop Social Responsibility Among Students Of The Second Grade Of Primary School From The Point Of View Of Teachers

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This study aimed to identify the effectiveness of a psychological counseling program to develop social responsibility among second-grade students in the light of some variables in Al-Ahsa region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The study sample consisted of 60 male and female students from public and private school children of primary education divided into two groups, an experimental group numbering (30) and a control group numbering (30) aged 7 years old. A measure of social responsibility was designed, and a psychological counseling program was designed. Arrivals from the vicinity of doping? This is because from the point of view of the children’s teachers that the level of social responsibility reached an arithmetic average of (0.209) and that there is a high level of the social environment after an indicative application for community development in children, given that the arithmetic mean of the responses reached to 2.618 with a standard deviation (S.D) 0.466, which showed and effectiveness of the indicative program for the development of social responsibility

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