Exploratory Analysis Of Obstacles And Challenges For Businesses In The Region Of Najran, Saudi Arabia

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Mounir Belloumi , Faical Gasmi


Businesses play a crucial role in the economies of many developing countries. For this reason, it is important to identify obstacles and challenges encountered by businesses in the Najran Region. In this work, we try to identify the factors that represent obstacles to doing business in the region of Najran. We undertake the study for 120 investors in the region of Najran (southwestern of Saudi Arabia). Our findings showed that the limited resources available for investment is one of the biggest obstacles to investment faced by new investors. Some of the most prominent investment challenges that exist in the Najran region are the lack of recruitment of qualified employees, the lack of a suitable environment, and the inability to facilitate business transformation.  According to these results, recommendations for surpassing the obstacles encountered by investors are considered.

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