The Potential Of Technopreneuship And Digital Business In Tourism Villages To Support The Special Economic Zone Of Tomini Bay, Indonesia

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Herwin Mopangga, Heldy Vanni Alam, Idris Yanto Niode


Tomini Bay Special Economic Zone aims to accelerate the development of regions spread across the provinces of Gorontalo, North Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi. Boalemo and Pohuwato regencies are classified as potential areas to become centers of export-oriented processing industries, logistics, biotechnology, new renewable energy and tourism. Tomini Bay SEZ was pioneered by the State University of Gorontalo in rural development with a focus on poverty alleviation and the creative economy that helps achieve sustainable development goals for the Independent Village and Independent Learning Campus. Micro, small and medium enterprises based on innovation and technology are seeded as the engine of regional growth.

This study aims to 1) mapping the actual condition of technopreneurship in tourist villages in Boalemo and Pohuwato Regencies; and 2) describe the potential for developing technopreneurship in tourist villages.

The research uses a qualitative approach with participatory action research methods. The object is micro and small-scale home industry actors scattered in tourist villages in Boalemo and Pohuwato regencies. Data collection using interviews and focus group discussions. The study concludes that i) technopreneurship of tourist villages in Boalemo and Pohuwato Regencies is still at an early stage of development. Generally, produces and sells processed food products, handicrafts, fashion, music and photography; ii) technopreneurship in tourist villages is still very potential to be developed due to the wealth of natural resources and the demographic bonus of the two regions. Processed food is dominated by products made from corn, bananas, peanuts, eggs, cassava, fruit, vegetables and medicinal plants. Crafts are generally made from bamboo, leather, rattan, wood and processed products from coconut trees. Processing technology is still relatively limited but marketing has been carried out digitally to reach the provinces of Gorontalo, North Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi.

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