Career Engagement On The Talent Of Women Leaders In Millennial Generation

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Paramita Purwanto , Fendy Suhariadi , Praptini Yulianti


Purpose - The issue of engagement in employees has always been an interesting and strategic thing to discuss, especially millennial generation as the largest segment of workers in the world of work today. Based on many studies on engagement, Millenials is considered to tend to be less engage than previous generations, where this is a challenge for many companies in the world in HR management.  Employee engagement is important for the company because it will affect employee performance and performance will ultimately support company’s success.  PT XYZ as a state-owned company in Indonesia engaged in electricity has a work area location and coverage career rotation locations that are spread and very wide throughout the remote parts of Indonesia. This makes it a challenge in managing rotation of career locations while overseeing career engagement for employees, especially women.  This study aims specifically to find out how the engagement of women leader talent to the company's career system through the talent management system (Career Engagement), especially for women leader talent on millennial generation at PT XYZ.

 Design/methodology/approach – The research is carried out by using the qualitative method through a structured interview  process with open ended questions  for 10  respondents of  the millennial generation segment especially women leaders talent that represent  all strata  position level  at PT XYZ

Findings - Based on the results of interviews and coding processes and also descriptive analysis of interview, it was found that the higher structural position level, the higher career engagement level than the level of under it (to career development opportunities).  In addition, the influential thing or support system on career engagement of millennial women leaders talent can be categorized into three categorizations, namely individual factors, organizational factors, and work factors. Of the three factors, the one that contributes the most significantly to the talents of women leaders at PT XYZ is the Individual factor in the form of support from spouses (husbands). Meanwhile, other influencing factors are Individual in the form of personal encouragement, organizational factors (career opportunities, sense of fairness, supervision of superiors, and work team support) and work factors (job enrichment and conducive work environment).

 Research Limitation/Implication - This career engagement research was conducted on an organization with specific career journey characteristics and based on talent management system designed and implemented by internal administration of PT XYZ Company.

 Originality / value – Research with the theme of career engagement is still relatively small compared to the topic of general engagement studied, namely the theme of work engagement or job engagement.  Based on the review of journal articles, research on the   topic of career engagement specifics was first carried out in 2011, and until now the number of Journal articles with the research topic is still around 22 titles. In addition, there has not been found a journal article that specifically examines career engagement with research subjects on women leaders and with segments in the millennial generation.

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