A Study On Factors Influencing On Purchase Of E-Vehicles With Reference To South India

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Dr. Kotigari Reddi Swaroop , Dr. K.V.V. Murali Someswararao , Dr. N. Gurunatha Naidu , Dr. K.V. Nagaraj


Everybody wants to live in a pollution-free society, Pollution is primarily caused by automobiles Nevertheless and India’s automobile registrations are growing at a rapid pace, Petrol and diesel process are also soring high As a result, and modes of transportation started becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This made the electric vehicles to create a space but the adoption rate was not more in India, projections by many manufactures are expected in next 5 years. The people who are using Electrical Vehicles were considered as population for the study. In light of this, the research was conducted using a questionnaire amongst 130 individuals, to understand the various factors would influence their purchase of E-vehicles in four major cities i.e., Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kochin in South India. This study includes five factors: price difference, charging infrastructure, environmental concern, and speed.  This study employed SPSS to conduct ANOVA, Pearson Correlation and Cronbach's Alpha to test the determining factors. Its found that there is positive correlation between the variables. Study concluded that the factors i.e., price difference, charging infrastructure, environmental concern, speed are significantly influence on the purchase of e-vehicles.

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