Impact Of Youtube Usage On Sleep Quality And Cognitive Function In Efl Learners

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Saadia Mahmood-ul-Hassan , Sana Ullah Khan , Aneela Sheikh , Tayyaba Ayub , Alishba Mustansar , Muhammad Farhan Tabassum


New researches have suggested that excessive internet use may have an impact on users' daily sleep quality and cognitive functioning and frequent use of YouTube may exhibit addiction-like behavior patterns. With approximately one billion active users, YouTube is today one of the most used online programs. Significant links between YouTube usage, sleep loss and cognitive function have been discovered in studies. In this study, 240 YouTube users' daily cognitive failures, sleep quality, and responses to questionnaires about their YouTube use were compared. The final sample was made up of 101 men (24.75 ± 7.35) and 131 women (23.68 ± 6.89) aged 16 to 34 from all provinces in Pakistan. The overall reliability of all the scales was 0.838, which is in excellent range. Normality of all three scales having significant values which are greater than 0.05 which shows that the data is normal. Correlation of the mean value of YouTube Questionnaire is positively moderate correlated with Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index with significant value, and mean value of Cognitive Failures Questionnaire and having the significant value. The overall impact of YouTube Questionnaire on Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index is 49.6% and Cognitive Failures Questionnaire is 36.5%. Finally, future studies could take experimental designs, to find out the direction of the association between our study’s variables and to provide more concrete explanations for the reported results.

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