Self-Determination, Workplace Stress And Job Satisfaction Among Elementary School Teachers During Covid-19

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Saira Maqsood , Fatima Salman, Marva Sohail , Asia Bibi , Shehla Aslam


COVID-19 has disrupted education systems across the globe, forcing them to shift to distance learning modes of teaching and learning. The teachers were not prepared to deal with such a situation and it added to their work-related stressors. Stemming from Self-Determination Theory the objectives of the study were to investigate the relationship among self-determination, work place stress and job satisfaction among elementary school teachers. It also aimed to explore the predictive role of self-determination and work place stress for job satisfaction among the elementary school teachers. Correlation research design was used in the study. A sample of 142 female elementary school teachers (M=28.76, SD=9.17) were recruited for the study. To measure the variables Perceived Choice and Awareness of Self Scale, General Work Stress Scale and Job Stress Scale were used. Results showed that a positive relationship was found between self- determination and job satisfaction; negative relationship was found between workplace stress and job satisfaction; and Self-determination positively while job stress negatively predicted job satisfaction. The research has implications for administration of educational institutions, human resource departments as well as policy makers and psychologists. It adds to the literature related to primary school teachers during COVID-19, which is scarce.

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