Association Of ABO Blood Groups With Scavenging Enzymes In Patients With Essential Hypertension

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Dr. Shalini Arora , Dr. Mushir Ahamad , Dr. Pawan .A. Kulkarni , Dr. Shrawan Kumar


A case control study was undertaken to find a possible relationship of A,B,AB and O blood groups with scavenging enzymes superoxide dismutase ,catalase and antioxidant glutathione in patients with essential hypertension in the age group of 45 to 65 year and compared with normal healthy controls of the same age group.Thiobarbituric acid test was used for the estimation of lipid peroxide in plasma.Haemolysate was used for the assay of superoxide dismutase , catalase activity and glutathione concentration .The plasma lipid peroxide levels were increased significantly in all the hypertensive patients predominantly in group  A and B. Concurrently significant decrease in the activities of scavenging enzymes and glutathione levels were  found in these group patients. Accounting all the data together it is suggested that in comparison to blood group O, patients with blood group A, B and AB, possess specific blood group substances that  may interfere in inducing required amount of superoxide dismutase and catalase with rapid depletion of red blood cell glutathione to counteract with free radical generation resulting in oxidative stress in them.

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