The Figurative Images (Simile And Metaphor) In Samples Of Prose Signing Quotations In The Abbasid Era

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Dr. Amer Mahmood Rabei , Dr.Mahmood Muhammad Rabei , Dr. Ali Ahmad Almomani , Dr. Mohamed Tawfiq Bataineh


This study seeks to clarify the figurative images (simile and metaphor) in samples of Prose Signing Quotations in the Abbasid era. These images – in the course of the study - reflect the feelings, emotions and sentiments of the sender on the one hand, and the feelings, emotions and sentiments of the addressee on the other hand, as well as the environment producing them: political, social and economic on the third.

This study was divided into:

An introduction: - it included the importance of the figurative image, the importance of the study, its objective, and the reasons for accomplishing it, its approach, its limits, and the previous literature. 

A preface: introducing of the definition of Signing Quotations in language (Arabic) and convention, and its types and most important features.

Two sections: the first was about simile. The second was about metaphor declarative and intent (alistiea'ra alttasryhya walmkny). It was followed by the conclusion that documented the most prominent results reached by the study. The study was ended by a list of sources and references that it benefited from.

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