Police Services In Pakistan: Challenges And Reforms

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Dr. Qurat ul Ain Bashir , Dr. Shoaib Arif, Lecturer , Farah Naz Bhatti , Mr. Sohaib Ansar


The Pakistani police are formulated to perform a specified collection of duties. Such tasks primarily include the protection of law and order in the general population and supporting judicial for disciplinary purposes. From these traditional roles, the police are usually regarded to be a more community defense system and are thus not deemed a reactive counter-terrorism framework nor mobilized as such. The law enforcement agencies in Pakistan required substantial modification under the modern needs of the time. The pragmatic reforms to enhance the working and services of the police department have not been initiated yet. This article attempts to highlight the aspects of the police department that need reforms to improve the services and reputation of the police department. The study has a historical narration style based on the empirical method. The main finding states that only cosmetic modifications have been introduced to justify the political solemnity to enhance the working standards of the police department. Some recommendations have also been drawn which are presented by erudite scholars of this field in police interests at various phases of times.

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