Perspectives In Peace Marketing: A Narrative Literature Review

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Dr Kriti Singh , Dr Juhi P Pathak


One of the fundamental requirements of any society to achieve its optimum growth relies on peace and stability. Thus “achieving peace” becomes a primary objective of society.  The concept of “peace marketing” propagates the notion of “humanity and sustainability of civilisation” and envisions creating a society free from “destructive acts like terrorism, genocide, violence, war, and crimes against mankind”.  Peace marketing from the perspective of marketing is identified as a relatively new notion.  Way back in 1922, George Maurice Morris in his paper “Selling international peace” illustrated the relevance of marketing peace (Nedelea & Nedelea, 2015). Today, one can observe its critical significance from individuals to corporations, as well as how peace marketing strategies are being used in conjunction with other tactics to improve and promote political, sociocultural, and individual goals to bring about peace and stability.

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