Application Of Resilience Practice On Creativity And Emotional Regulation In Education Setting: A Review Study

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Meghana. S. Gowda , Ruchi Gautam


The goal of this review paper is to present a holistic conceptualization by synthesising resilience practice on creativity and emotional regulation literature and introducing an integrative resilience practice to the educational context, with the goal of inducing creativity and assisting in the maintenance of emotional regulation. In order to achieve this, researchers thoroughly reviewed the literature on emotional regulation, creativity, and resilience. The results showed that little study has looked at the connection between resilience practice and improving creativity and emotional regulation. Although several recent studies have started to examine resilience's role in therapy, emotional regulation on resilience and creativity assessment on resilience, the relationship between resilience practice on creativity and emotional regulation has remained understudied. This study offers an integrative framework for creativity and emotional regulation that explains how resilience practice can be benefited in the context of education to produce resilience in students. As a results students have exhibited creativity, emotional regulation, and mental health. In this regard, researchers first go over resilience practice, creativity, and emotional regulation in this context. Next, researchers consider how resilience at the individual and institutional levels may link to some broader community outcomes (e.g., decreased dropout rate, absenteeism, and collective social capital). Researchers contend that this is one of the few early theoretical articles that has looked at possible linkages between resilience, creativity, and emotional regulation, three significant yet dispersed disciplines. This study makes potential recommendations for why to implement resilience in school.

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