Rigid-Body Dynamic Analysis Of A 4-DOF Hydraulic Excavator Attachment Backhoe As A Multibody

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Alok Sharma , Dr. Deepak Sharma


An excavator is an off-road vehicle or machine used for several types of construction activities. It has an attachment called a backhoe that is widely used for digging. While digging the earth's massive force works on bucket tips and may bring deformation in it. In this paper an attempt is made to quantify the value of the variables obtained while the all-attached backhoe is considered as a multibody, given in rotation to each joint and simulated in Ansys. The results obtained show that the deformation obtained is small at low rotation and large at high rotation rate. Comparison of the deformation, joint forces and velocity at each set of rotation has been tabulated in x, y and Z directions as well as the overall velocity, total joint force and deformation has also been calculated. This paper provides the base to study and design a multibody system which may undergo deformation so that the end effect may be obtained precisely as required in precision tools and machinery.

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